Organizing   Committee

Dr. Magafas L.  

Prof. Kavala  Institute of Technology (Chairman)

Dr. Antoniades P 

Assistant Prof.  Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr.Bandekas D.

Prof. Kavala  Institute of Technology

Dr. Christoforidis A.

Prof.  Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr.Emmanoloudis D

Prof. Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr.Florou G

Associate Prof. Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr.Ioannou A.

Associate Prof. Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr. Maditinos D.

Assistant Prof. Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr.Papadakis S.  

Associate Prof. Kavala Institute of Technology

Dr.Stavrinides S

Adjunct Lecturer Aristoteles

Dr.Τerzidis Κ.   

Prof. Kavala   Institute of Technology

Dr.Τheriou Ν

Prof. Kavala  Institute of Technology


Conference topics include

·  Chaos and Order In Economy

·  Non-linear Dynamics and Econometrics

·  Neural Networks and Economy

·  Thermodymanic Approach
of Economy

·  Markets as Complex Adaptive Systems - Evolutionary Economics

·  Physics of Risk

·  Statistical and probabilistic methods in Economics and Finance

·   Evolutionary economics

·  Econophysics of Stock and other Markets

·   Complex socio-economic networks

·  Nonadditive entropy and nonextensive statistical mechanics in socio-economics

·  Agent-based models: Theory and Simulations




How to get

By Airplane
From Athens to Kavala Information:
(a) Olympic Airways, Athens, tel.: (210) 96.66.666, (b) Olympic Airways, Kavala, tel.: (2510) 22.36.22, (2510) 225.577

By Bus
Kavala can be reached by bus from Athens, Thessaloniki, Drama, Serres , Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupolis. Komotini and Alexandroupolis are also served by long – distance buses Departures: (a) Athens, Terminal, 260 Liossion Street, (b) Thessaloniki, 59 Langada Street Information: (a) Athens Bus Authority, tel.: (210) 51.29.363, (b) Thessaloniki Bus Authority, tel.: (2310) 52.55.30, (c) Kavala Bus Authority, tel.: (2510) 22.35.93

By Ferryboat
Kavala is linked by boat with Thassos, Limnos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria , Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes, Aghios Konstantinos, Piraeus, Mytilini and Samothrace Information: Kavala Port Authority: (2510) 22.49.67, (2510) 22.37.16

By Train
Kavala has no railway network. The nearest train stations are at Drama (36 km.) and Xanthi (56 km.)

Sports Swimming at GNTO organized beaches
At the Camp Site on the Kavala shore (Akti Kavalas) (Batis). On the coast at Batis (4 km.). Tel.: (2510) 22.71.51 and (2510) 22.29.18. Open all year round, facilities include cabins, bar, super market, playground and restaurant. Some of the other marvellous beaches in the vicinity, such as Kalamitsa (3 km.) and Toska, are organized others – Nea Iraklitsa, Nea Peramos and Palio – are not.

Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball The Kavala Athletic Center at Kalamitsa has courts for these sports. For information, call (2510) 22.88.12. Mountain Climbing On Mt. Pangeo, at Vlachika Kalyvia (alt. 1,500 m.) and Kilada Orfea (alt. 1,700 m.). For information, call (2510) 22.39.38. Clubs Marine club, tel.: (2510) 22.32.23. Club of sea sport of Kavala, tel.: (2510) 22.04.24. Mountaineering club, tel.: (2510) 22.46.79. Chess club, tel: (2510) 22.27.70. Track and field, tel: (2510) 22.90.70.

Guided Tours Information regarding tours of the region and visits to archaeological sites can be obtained from most of the travel agencies in the area.

Rentals There are car rental agencies in Kavala.

Useful Telephone Numbers
Area Code: 2510 GNTO Information Bureau: 22.24.25 GNTO Offices: 231.653, 22.87.62 Tourist Police: 22.29.05 Aliens’ Bureau: 83.61.30, 22.36.05 Automobile Association (ELPA): 83.00.60 Road Assistance (OVELPA): 104 Kavala General Hospital: 22.85.17 Health Centres: (a) Eleftheroupoli, (25920) 22.222. (b) Chrissoupoli, (25910) 24.191



KavalaFly – In and Air – Show
Kavala – Greece 3 – 5 June 2011

Apart from airplanes and pilots, who will take part in aviation celebration, there will be a number of Greek and foreign pilots with great reputation. Highlight of the event will be the performance of 4 aircraft from the Italian acrobatic team PIONEER, ie the same team that took part in the demonstration held at Tatoi few years ago. The difference is that this time, the Italian Team has improved its program, so the planes will fly through a cloud of fireworks. Some fireworks will be lanced from ground towards the planes and others from the planes down to the ground.
We would like to propose you, to come in person in Kavala and live the thrilling dream of aviation.
This is the first time in our country, that makes it possible for you to have all the marvels of aviation in your fingers in a few hours.
 All necessary information may be found in the site The complete calendar, the Air Show program, other side possibilities, accommodation  info etc. At the end you will find contact details, in case some questions may not be answered by the information provided



The Kavala Institute of Technology  is pleased to announce that the International Conference on Econophysics (ICE) will be held from  2nd to 3rd, June, 2011 at the Lucy Hotel, Kavala.